"We were looking for a Type III ambulance for our fleet when we get really busy but our town didn't have anywhere near the budget for a brand new one. We were considering used and then we found Global Emergency Vehicles online and saw that they refurbish ambulances. What a savings! We couldn't be happier and got a brand new Ford chassis with a remounted ambulance box put on it. When we found out how much less a remount was than a new ambulance we were able to add in all the extra features we wanted and were still able to save big! They added custom stainless steel countertops, door surfaces and kick panels. We also got a full exterior LED package, LED dome lighting, LED strip lights inside the cabinets so we can see what we are looking for when we open them and automatic lights when the entry doors were opened. The last thing we were happy with is that we felt great working with them and noticed a difference between how well their cusotmer service was compared to the last guys we bought an ambulance from. Stop looking any further and call these guys. You'll be glad you did!"

~ Jim Thurman

"We needed an additional Type III Ambulance to add to the fleet and had been looking around for awhile. We have an ambulance dealer in town here but just never got that warm fuzzy feeling when we dealt with them in the past. The guys at GEV are gems! They were very helpful and I felt like they spent the time with me that was needed to answer all of my questions. I never felt rushed and there were no high pressure tactics here. We just took possession of the ambulance and it was everything they said it would be. Thanks guys!"

~ Eli Corbett

"We bought our very first ambulance in 2010 from Global Emergency Vehicles. At that time we got a very good deal on a Type III Ford which was perfect for our budget. Since it was an older ambulance, we did not have high long-term expectations about the rig, and we were just hoping that it would get us by initially. Luckily, that truck served us well and it was not long until we purchased another ambulance from Global. Almost three years later our company has nine ambulances on the road and they all came from the same dealer. Overall, I have been very happy with the hard work and honesty that the employees at this company have been showing to us. I was glad to see that GEV has grown a lot as well over these years and they are occupying a large building now which serves its purpose much better than the garage that they were in last year. I can say that Global has been a good partner of ours and certainly an integral part of our success."

~ Anthony R.

"Great company to deal with! Looking forward to buy more ambulances from you guys! Thank you so much."

~ Mark Warrington

"I was looking for something that would fit my budget, so it was a nice surprise to find such a high quality of ambulances at a great price. Very helpful staff, thank you once again. J.A."

~ John Albright

"Vitaly, Thank you for providing us with the PL Custom Ambulance. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your staff. As a former franchise auto dealer, a former military airborne EMT, military pilot, and mechanic, I can recommend you and Global Emergency Vehicles to future customers from several perspectives. As a sales person, you were a delight, your comparative knowledge of the vehicles was outstanding and the purchase process was efficient. Despite enduring a move to your new facility and construction, your staff were helpful, courteous, and made my delivery quick and enjoyable. From a mechanical perspective, the ambulance was properly serviced. All of the Ford service items had been accomplished; and since I drove it almost a thousand miles the day of delivery, I can state with confidence the ambulance was ready for a tough operational trial . From a technical and medical perspective, the electronic on board accessories and wiring were all in fantastic condition. Thank you again for your assistance and professionalism. I look forward to working with you again."

~ David Tune

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