The Braun Responder is the compact Type III Ambulance of your dreams

Braun Responder Ambulance

When people are ready to buy a new ambulance they often turn to Braun who is known for selling premier quality emergency vehicles.  They have now broadened their range with a new ambulance called the Braun Responder. It is a small Type III Ambulance based on the Freightliner Sprinter Chassis, and it looks to offer the level of quality we expect from Braun in a small, maneuverable package.

Braun’s own list of features for the Responder is as follows:

  • 12.5’ Module length / Maximize Storage Space
  • Isolated O2 Compartment compliant with NFPA1917 / Safety
  • EZ Glide Sliding side entry door with 4” lowered entry height /Improved Ergonomics
  • Door-Forward design / Optimize Interior Space
  • MasterTech IV Electrical System / Ease of Use & Maintenance
  • VitalMax LED lighting package / Superior Shadowless Lighting
  • Angled Power Distribution Quarters / Ease of Maintenance
  • Forward Facing Seating / Crew Safety
  • Ergonomic Equipment Storage Design / Easy to reach all equipment
  • EVS 1760 4-Point Curbside Seating with fold-up seat cushion /Maximum working space
  • Clean Sweep Interior sealed aluminum cabinets / Ease of cleaning and storage capabilities

Braun Responder Ambulance Braun Responder Ambulance Interior

The Braun Responder looks to be a handy addition to the Braun fleet. It isn’t much bigger than a Type II Ambulance, but is able offer many of the functional advantages of a Type III Ambulance. We, at Global Emergency Vehicles, look forward to having Braun Responders in our inventory of used ambulances in the future.

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