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FDIC 2014 Highlights

Fire Truck at FDIC

We made a trip out to FDIC in Indianapolis last week to catch up on some of the most current trends in the industry. We mostly sell pre-owned ambulances and other emergency vehicles, but all of this stuff will be making its way into our inventory soon enough.

All of our favorite ambulance manufacturers were in attendance, mostly showcasing their larger rigs that appeal more to firefighters.  We had a great time, rubbed some shoulders, and enjoyed seeing the most modern ambulances in the world up close.

One of our favorite non-vehicle things at FDIC was the bagpipers who were making the rounds at the show.

Check out the rest of our photo gallery below!

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Quigley 4×4 Ambulance Video Feature

Quigley 4×4 Ambulance Video Feature

We recently sold this clean Quigley 4×4 Ambulance by Wheeled Coach to a customer who needed its off-road abilities to serve people in their community.  It was surely one of the more unique vehicles in our inventory of used ambulances, and we were happy to see it go to a customer that really needed its 4×4 capabilities.

We made this video feature on the truck right before it sold, but we can still get more trucks like this for any of our customers who are interested.

Jay Leno Drives a 1910 Christie Fire Engine

We have numerous used fire apparatuses in our inventory, but nothing quite as old as this 1910 Christie Fire Engine. It is a relic from the dawn of the automobile, and shows how fire response vehicles changed when the internal combustion engine was developed.

In the video, Jay Leno takes us through this classic emergency vehicle, which is basically a horse-drawn boiler attached to the back of a front wheel drive Christie chassis. Motorization changed fire fighting forever, and this Christie Fire Engine marks the very beginning. The internal combustion engine allowed fire engines to travel faster than they could with horses, both in out-right speed as well as in average speed because a motor doesn’t get tired like a horse does. Of course, when responding to a fire call, haste is the utmost priority, so the faster a fire response vehicle can be, the better.

Fire response vehicles have changed a lot since then. Just looking around our lot at the used fire apparatuses we have for sale, it is crazy to think that they can all trace their lineage back to early vehicles this Christie Fire Engine. Enjoy learning about this piece of history.