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Chevrolet 3500 Type I Ambulance

Global Medic Type I Remounted Ambulance In The Flesh

Chevrolet 3500 Type I Remounted Ambulance by Global Medic

We recently finished building this Global Medic Type I remounted module ambulance here at Global Emergency Vehicles, and now we want to show it off to the world! We sell a lot of remounted module ambulances because our customers recognize the substantial value they receive for the money they spend with us.

Remounted module ambulances are a fantastic alternative to purchasing a brand new ambulance. For those unfamiliar with the process, we basically take the patient module (box) off of an older ambulance and put it onto a brand new chassis. The module itself is usually stripped down, rebuilt with new materials, and modernized, where needed, to meet the most current standards. Mechanically, a remounted module ambulance is exactly the same as a brand new ambulance, complete with a full factory warranty on the chassis.

Our remounted module ambulance packages typically sell for about 40-60% of the cost of an equivalent brand new ambulance. Where our customers really save money is in the construction of the rear module, and the amount saved can be substantial when a brand new ambulance can cost $150,000-$200,000.

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Leader Type II Ambulance For Sale

Leader Type II Ambulance At Global Emergency Vehicles

Leader Type II Ambulance For Sale At Global Emergency Vehicles

We see many Type II ambulances here at Global Emergency Vehicles. Whenever we get them in our inventory of used ambulances, we get calls from all over, and they are sold in the blink of an eye. Consequently, we generally know what to expect when a new Type II comes in.

The ambulance you see here is something special, though. It was built by Leader Emergency Vehicles, a high-end manufacturer based in California. This particular 2008 ambulance was used as a dealer demo model, so it was fitted with all of the bells and whistles available at the time. As a result, this ambulance cost over $100,000 brand new, which is almost unheard of for a van-type ambulance.

Leader Type II Ambulance For Sale At Global Emergency Vehicles

This Leader Type II Ambulance finally entered service in 2010, and later made its way into our inventory with a mere 46,000 miles on it. When looking to buy this ambulance, we saw a one-owner truck with low miles that was loaded to the gills with uncommon features, how could we pass that up?

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The Braun Responder is the compact Type III Ambulance of your dreams

Braun Responder Ambulance

When people are ready to buy a new ambulance they often turn to Braun who is known for selling premier quality emergency vehicles.  They have now broadened their range with a new ambulance called the Braun Responder. It is a small Type III Ambulance based on the Freightliner Sprinter Chassis, and it looks to offer the level of quality we expect from Braun in a small, maneuverable package.

Braun’s own list of features for the Responder is as follows:

  • 12.5’ Module length / Maximize Storage Space
  • Isolated O2 Compartment compliant with NFPA1917 / Safety
  • EZ Glide Sliding side entry door with 4” lowered entry height /Improved Ergonomics
  • Door-Forward design / Optimize Interior Space
  • MasterTech IV Electrical System / Ease of Use & Maintenance
  • VitalMax LED lighting package / Superior Shadowless Lighting
  • Angled Power Distribution Quarters / Ease of Maintenance
  • Forward Facing Seating / Crew Safety
  • Ergonomic Equipment Storage Design / Easy to reach all equipment
  • EVS 1760 4-Point Curbside Seating with fold-up seat cushion /Maximum working space
  • Clean Sweep Interior sealed aluminum cabinets / Ease of cleaning and storage capabilities

Braun Responder Ambulance Braun Responder Ambulance Interior

The Braun Responder looks to be a handy addition to the Braun fleet. It isn’t much bigger than a Type II Ambulance, but is able offer many of the functional advantages of a Type III Ambulance. We, at Global Emergency Vehicles, look forward to having Braun Responders in our inventory of used ambulances in the future.

Ambulance Companies Are Excited About The New Ford Transit

2015 Ford Transit Van base for a Type II Ambulance2015 Ford Transit Chassis base for a Type III Ambulance

Only so often does an entirely new ambulance platform come on the scene. The current Ford Econoline based ambulances have been with us for over two decades now, and a lot has changed in the EMS industry, and indeed the world as a whole, during that time. A new ambulance platform is long overdue, one that will bring the EMS industry fully into the 21st century.

Ford’s new “One Ford” plan aims to integrate all of the company’s formerly separate divisions into one product line for the global market. Since the onset of the program, Ford’s new products have been taking the American automotive industry by storm, and soon it will be affecting the EMS world as well in the form of new Type II and Type III Ambulances.

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Our 1969 Ford Econoline 300 Ambulance Project

1969 Ford Econoline 300 Ambulance

1969 Ford Econoline 300 Ambulance

We do a lot of work on Ambulances for sales purposes here at Global Emergency Vehicles, but recently we picked up this 1969 Ford Econoline 300 Ambulance as a project for our operation.  It is very much a work in progress at this point, but overall it is in nice shape. We hope to one day have it as a show vehicle that will represent our business at EMS events and maybe even a few car shows.

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