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New Market Volunteer Fire Department Takes Delivery of Remounted Ambulance

Global Emergency Vehicles is proud to announce the delivery of a 2017 Ford F450 XLT 4×4 Remounted Type I Ambulance to New Market Volunteer Fire Department in New Market, MD. GEV built this ambulance by remounting a Horton Patient Module onto the brand new 2017 Ford Chassis and is covered by multiple warranties, including a 6YR / 100,000 Mile Electrical Warranty. By purchasing a Remounted Ambulance the Department was able to include several upgrades including a Whelen Dominator Light Bar and still come in well below the cost for a new unit from a manufacturer. Please join us in congratulating New Market Volunteer Fire Department on their new purchase!New Market Final Lettering and Striping

Decontaminating and Cleaning an Ambulance


As a society we are always trying to improve the level of health care that we can provide. Researchers develop new medicines and surgeons develop new techniques to improve our overall quality of life. One of the advancements that have allowed us more freedom in where we live is the ambulance.  Not only does an ambulance transport people to medical centers, it also allows for medical care to be administered while en route. This requires the ambulance to be clean and decontaminated to ensure a patient is not exposed to any additional threats. The following steps should be taken to ensure that your ambulance is both in compliance with Federal and State guidelines and you are providing the highest level of care to your patients.

For the exterior of the ambulance make certain that the windshield is free of bugs or debris and the mirrors are wiped down with a glass cleaner. It is important that the driver has clear sight lines and ability to use the mirrors effectively. Washing the body of the ambulance will remove any dirt or grime and will project a professional image throughout the community. Wash the exterior with soap and water using sponges or brushes to cover the entire body. Make sure that the tires are free of mud and dirt. If they need to be cleaned, spray a cleaner / degreaser on the tires and scrub with a brush and spray off with clean water. You should wash the tires each time the body of the ambulance is washed.

Inside the cab of the ambulance you want to make sure that after each use that you vacuum out the seats and floor. If the flooring is not carpeted then wipe them out with a cleaner / degreaser. Make sure that all used gloves, soda cans, or trash are removed from the console or door compartments. Wipe down the console and dashboard with a disinfectant. Do not spray the disinfectant directly on the dashboard, console, radio, or any other electronic equipment. Instead spray directly on the rag and then wipe down the areas. Pay particular attention to steering wheel, door handles, and radio microphone due to the amount and kind of use they get.

The Patient Module requires cleaning to be done on the Ambulance itself, along with much of the equipment that is used. Making sure that the stretcher is clean and the linens are changed after each use is very important. No patient should ever be placed on used linens. Make sure that the stretcher and stretcher straps are cleaned after each use. Remove the mattress from the frame and thoroughly clean it with a disinfectant. Wipe down the handrails and the frame of the cot even the under carriage. In the Patient Module itself, make sure that you wipe down all surface areas.  Do not spray the disinfectant directly on the surface area and make sure that you completely wipe off any excess spray. Make sure that you wipe down all of the door handles and handles to the cabinets. Clean the plexi-glass doors with glass cleaner not disinfectant. Check the Sharps container and trash bins to make sure they are not close to capacity. If your Sharps container is close to being full make sure that you change it on your next visit to the hospital. Finally, sweep and decontaminate the floor. After sweeping out any dirt or debris, spray the floor with disinfectant and let it sit for a few minutes and then mop with clean water.

There are also several other areas or equipment that need regular cleaning. On the Monitor/Defibrillator make sure that you wipe down the lead cables, the pulse ox probe and the face of the monitor. Clean out the Oxygen caddy and wipe down the regulator. Back boards and head blocks also need to be wiped down. When picking up or restocking immobilization equipment from the hospital make sure that they are properly cleaned, especially the grab rails, before placing them back in the ambulance. Wipe down the stethoscope ear pieces and bell and lightly spray the BP cuff. Make sure that the BP cuff is dry before placing it back into the jump bag. If any other equipment was used make sure that it is properly cleaned and stored for the next use.

By following the above steps you will be ensuring that your unit meets Federal and State guidelines. In addition, you will be presenting a professional image to the people of your community that you serve.

Ram ProMaster Crossover Type II Ambulance

Global Emergency Vehicles is proud to offer the Ram ProMaster Crossover Type II built by Malley Industries. This Ambulance offers various configurations and has lots of great features.

The Malley ProMaster Crossover Type II can be used with a Squad Bench with enough room to hold a Bariatric Stretcher. It can also have a Squad Bench with a “Grab and Go” Shelving unit that allows for easy access to up to four adjustable shelves. The third configuration allows for a Safety Seat that swivels to allow attendants to face forward, the patient, or at 45 degrees for optimal safety and patient care.

The Malley ProMaster Crossover Type II has the lowest floor height at only 22 inches and the tallest headroom at 73 inches. Unlike most ambulances, this vehicle has Front Wheel Drive which enhances traction in mud or snow compared to traditional Rear Wheel Drive units. These Type II ambulances have a very high payload (2100 -2400lbs depending on configuration) and are bariatric capable.

As the first to manufacture a state-of-the-art ambulance on a Ram ProMaster chassis, Malley has achieved significant improvements over traditional Type II’s. Some of the improvements achieved are a significantly larger workspace for paramedics to provide pre-hospital care. The configuration allows for better access to compartments and equipment while attendants are safely seated. Having the lowest floor height in it’s class reduces paramedic back strain from loading and unloading patients.The walls and shelving are made of antimicrobial ABS plastics which helps maintain sterilization. The ABS walls are flexible and energy-absorbent which are less likely to cause injury in the event of a collision. Finally, the cab design provides more comfortable and functional space for paramedics including full seat movement and recline with storage for personal equipment.

Global Emergency Vehicles is excited to offer this unique and innovative Type II Ambulance. If you are interested in more information on this vehicle give us a call at (215) 547-9111.

Ram Promaster-crossover-ambulance_004malley-crossover-promaster-ambulance-jany_011


Alton Fire Dept Purchases Two Ambulances From GEV

Recently the City of Alton, Illinois Fire Department began responding to Emergency Calls. The Department selected two units from the inventory here at Global Emergency Vehicles. They selected a 2009 Chevrolet C4500 Wheeled Coach and a 2012 Chevrolet C3500 McCoy Miller unit. Global Emergency Vehicles put both vehicles through our Inspection and Refurbishing process to ensure they were in fine working condition for their new owners. By choosing to go with Refurbished units over New they were able to achieve some significant savings. They invested about 1/3 the cost of similar New Units for these two Ambulances. Due to this cost savings the Department was also able include Stryker Power Load Systems and Power Stretchers with each vehicle. According to Chief Bernie Sebold, the Power Load System and Stretchers have been a very worthwhile addition to the vehicles and have been a hit with the crew. Alton MD