Safety Trends and Innovations in Ambulances Available for Sale

Safety Trends and Innovations in Ambulances Available for Sale

The U.S. ambulance industry is always looking for innovative ways to protect not only the patients but also the crew of the ambulance. Ambulance manufacturers are companies that design, construct and test the different types of ambulances. TheseGlobal Emergency Vehicles - Refurbished Used Ambulances For Sale ambulances are used for emergency situations but can also provide transportation in non-emergency cases.  Just as Global Emergency Vehicles has EMS and rescue trained professionals working for us, these manufacturers also employ staff that have experience in the emergency services field.
When you are in the market to buy a new or a used ambulance, safety and reliability is some of the important factors in your decision.  In my research I have identified some of the manufacturers that emphasise safety and are very innovative in their design and production of ambulances they sell.

 Company Reviews

The first company we would like to review is  American Emergency Vehicles (AEV). AEV manufactures most of their own parts and components.  All of their parts go through a very rigorous testing procedure before they are installed on an ambulance. Their vehicle bodies also get crash tested. They also go through weight testing that exceeds industry standards. Next we have Braun Industries:  This manufacturer is located in Ohio and their top priority is quality. Braun’s SolidBody construction allows them to build modules that are lighter and at the same time lighter and stronger which leads to increased safety.   Braun’s quality team has a 800 point inspection process that each vehicle goes through before it is given the “Built For Life” seal of approval. And the third manufacturer we would like to review is Wheeled Coach Industries. This company is based in Florida and is the largest ambulance manufacturer in the US with many innovative product developments, such as:  SafePASS Safety System, the new industry-leading safety system with specially-designed door handles and an emergency direct release tab for exit in case of an accident.  Such system provides increased safety for both patients and crew.  Wheeled Coach also came up with DuraLite Cabinet Systems that set the standard for durability and stability for the ambulances. Corner Cap Lighting System from Wheeled Coach is the only 360° lighting coverage protecting DOT marker lights to minimize damage in case of an accident.  EnterSafe Top,  the only 45° lighting system in ambulance industry. It provides increased visibility for Type II ambulances.  Pure Air Filtration System (P.A.F.S) ™ designed by Wheeled Coach exceeds Federal KKK-A-1822E specifications. It is a self-contained, heating and cooling system that cleans and decontaminates air, and reduces the risk of infection from airborne pathogens.

Safety and Reliability in Used and Refurbished Ambulances

The three companies we have discussed have particular focus on safety and reliability of their emergency vehicles. Like the manufacturers discussed above, we at Global Emergency Vehicles, which is the largest dealer of refurbished used ambulances and other emergency vehicles, are concerned with the safety of patients and crew and always make sure ambulances we sell do not leave our facility without a complete safety inspection.


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