Infrared self-guiding robotic intubation device set for clinical trials

An infrared robotic intubation device, called the GuidIN Tube, is under development by Biodesign researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  This ingenious device uses infrared light externally applied to the throat to guide the tube towards the patient’s trachea and into the lungs.   This will greatly help first responders in low light conditions, military personnel or with patients where fluids are present in the throat.  The GuidIn Tube may help them get patients breathing a little quicker which would potentially save more lives.

Innovations like this are what their Biodesign program is all about.  They study medical needs from around the world and then develop new technologies to address those needs.  The team, made up of graduate students and highly accomplished medical professionals, is being led by Elchanan Fried, MD, director of the Hadassah Medical Center.  The Hadassah Medical Center’s large complex has been a major epicenter for Israel’s medical breakthroughs.  The researchers have already successfully tested the GuidIN Tube on cadavers and plan to begin clinical trials in early 2014.

Wouldn’t it be great if the next time you stepped out of your ambulance, assessed the patient’s condition and had to consider applying a Rapid Sequence Intubation protocol you had some extra help from an advanced technology like this?  We can all see the benefits of such a product and hopefully one day doctors, EMS and EMT professionals around the world will have them available in their ambulances and medical centers.  Global Emergency Vehicles hopes that one day this just may be standard equipment on that brand new ambulance that your squad just added to the fleet!

We value what the people who drive these emergency vehicles every day think and would love to hear your views on this product.  Nobody knows better than what you face when you arrive on scene, jump out of your ambulance and do what you do best.  Leave us your comments and let us know if you think this device is as good as it sounds.

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