EMS, Fire & Police demo their skills in Plymouth Meeting, PA this past weekend

Global Emergency Vehicles was out showing support for local EMS Fire and Police K9

Support your local EMS, Fire and Police Departments

EMS, Fire and Police personnel were out in force this weekend at the Harmonville Fire Department showing everybody how their highly specialized training helps protects the community and helps save lives.  The Sheriff’s Department also had the Bomb Squad onsite with a robot and the gear they wear on display.  It wasn’t only the kiddies that were having a good time watching all them in action.  People of all ages attended this community event and showed their support for the people who are out their everyday doing a tough job.  It’s so easy to go about our daily lives and not think that someday you or a loved one may need their help.

Global Emergency Vehicles visits the Harmonville FD

These guys mean business!

Global Emergency Vehicles watches Captain Messantonio use the jaws of life

That’s Captain Messantonio in the white helmet using the jaws of life to cut through steel like a hot knife through butter!

All I can say is to give a big thank you to these emergency responders and the ones in your local area for all of their hard work and sacrifices to help the rest of us when we really need it.  Next time you see an emergency responder in person that isn’t busy helping someone, thank them for what they do.  If they are helping someone, let them do what they do best and thank them afterwards if you can.

Keep up the good work and be safe!

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